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Perfect Pavement Markings

Clear pavement markings make roads safer. Twin Traffic Marking Corp. offers pavement marking and road striping in the Kansas City area and throughout Kansas and Western Missouri. We have the equipment, personnel, and experience to handle jobs of all sizes.

Keep Traffic Flowing Smoothly

Road markings are essential for ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. We paint fresh, visible lines on any paved surface, from minor roads to international airports. Our services include:

  • Traffic Lines
  • Directional Arrows
  • Bicycle Symbols
  • Crosswalk Markings
  • Handicapped Symbols
  • Highway Shields
  • Legend Symbols

Whether you're building a highway or a bridge, striping is an important part of the construction process and required by most contracts. Our clients include city, county, and state government departments as well as general construction companies. We also offer temporary marking tape and grooving services.

Our Striping Materials

Water Base Paint:
100% acrylic waterborne paint. Economical and fast drying - applied to most surfaces.

Multi Component:
A combination of spoxy and thermo, this material gives durable at a lower price level than spray thermo.

Two component solids combine for a slow setting highway marking. Durable, abrasive and corrosive resistant. Can be applied to asphalt and cement surfaces.

Preformed & Spray Thermoplastic:
Preformed thermo includes lane lines, symbols, words in pre-cut applications. Spray Thermo is designed for long term markings and is extremely durable.

Temporary &Permanent Marking Tape:
Highly visible and durable. Long lines, skips, arrows, legends, and symbols available for temporary or permanent applications. Available in white, yellow, and black - for contrast or blackout.

Removals & Grooving:
Water blasting removal of pavement markings. Diamond grinding removal. Grooving of pavement.

Twin Traffic Building

Removals & Repainting

Over time, marking fades and wears away. We remove old markings and paint fresh lines in order to keep your roads and parking lots safe.

No Downtime

In the construction business, time is money. When needed, we work jointly in traffic zones, allowing us to complete the striping process seamlessly without creating downtime for contractors. We handle both striping and traffic control, so we never have to wait for a second subcontractor to show up. Emergency service is also available upon request.